The Angry Black Girl And Her Monster - The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster (2023)

Trạng thái : HD Vietsub

Đạo diễn : Bomani J. Story

Diễn viên : Laya DeLeon Hayes, Denzel Whitaker, Chad L. Coleman, Reilly Brooke Stith, Keith Holliday, Edem Atsu-Swanzy, Beth Felice, Ellis Hobbs IV, Shiloh Xavier, Tracie Frank

Quốc gia : Mỹ

Đánh giá : 6.7/10 điểm

Thời lượng : 91 Phút

Lượt xem : 17 view

Thể loại:


Vicaria is a brilliant teenager who believes death is a disease that can be cured. After the brutal and sudden murder of her brother, she embarks on a dangerous journey to bring him back to life.

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